Therapeutic Docket

The mission of the Therapeutic Docket is to provide an evidence-based, judicially-supervised approach that addresses the needs of eligible defendants, for whom there is a likely connection between their mental illness and their criminal behavior. The Therapeutic Docket will facilitate their identification and diversion from incarceration, and link participants to appropriate mental health treatment and community support.


The Therapeutic Docket is a post plea docket serving Albemarle and Charlottesville.  It targets defendants who have been diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness. Defendants may be referred to the program by their attorney, the Commonwealth's Attorney, pretrial/probation officer, mental health case manager, jail mental health staff, a family member, magistrate or the Judge.


Once a defendant successfully completes the requirements of the Therapeutic Docket, the Court may impose a suspended fine or suspended jail sentence if a conviction had been entered earlier or, in the appropriate case, dismiss the charge. The Court’s dispositional options are determined by the defendant’s compliance with treatment, adjustment to probation supervision, prior record, and the nature of the instant offense(s). A graduation ceremony marks the completion of the probation supervision.